From father to son since 1850

Our family estate is located on the slopes of Montagne de Reims, in Ville-Dommange.

The origin of our estate

At the end of the 19th century, the farmland owned by Ulysse FAUBER in Ville-Dommange was upgraded to Champagne AOC because of an extension programme of the production area. He proceeded to plant the first vines of the family estate and sold his production to the Maisons de négoce - wine merchants, as was standard then.

First bottles

His daughter Olga FAUBERT married Guy BOISSELLE. The couple soon decided to develop their own champagne with a part of the harvest. The first cuvée was commercialised in the 1960's, the first to be known as Champagne Guy BOISSELLE.

Guy BOISSELLE strongly believed in joining forces. This is how he became one of the founding members of Société Vinicole des Producteurs de Ville-Dommange in 1957, a co-operative he presided for over 20 years, manifesting his passion and energy by helping more than 150 fellow winegrowers.

As a tribute to this man larger than life born in 1910 we created a grand cuvée aged in oak barrels, which bears his name of course.

See Cuvée Guy Boisselle

Their son Bernard further developed the 'Maison' of our family before passing it down to his children Jean-Marc and Didier.

Champagne Boisselle & Fils

It wasn't until my father Jean-Marc took over the estate in the late 1990's that Champagne BOISSELLE & FILS was founded as it is today.

My mother Sandrine and he enhanced the domain once more, first by extending the range of champagnes. They wanted to offer champagne to suit everyone's taste, both amateurs' and connoisseurs'.

Today, it is up to me, Charles, to elevate Champagne BOISSELLE & FILS.

With each day spent by my parents' side Jean-Marc and Sandrine, more and more of the family skills are acquired. Skills steeped in tradition but always open to modernity, transmitted from father to son for over a century.

We cultivate our vines with respect and passion

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Champagne Boisselle & Fils

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